Anti-Ageing Full Face Lift - 6 CPD Points

Get my ULTIMATE full face anti ageing masterclass where I teach you my combinational approach to ageing that has brought in an extra £290k in revenue for my business this year alone! I'll show you how to create life changing results, so that YOU can also charge significantly more and upsell clients with ease into thousands £££££.

Here's whats included :

  • Anatomy + Understanding the mechanics + role of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system.
  • Treatment to the Pre Jowl, Infra-oral crease, submandibular fold, marrionette lines, jawline, labiomental crease, chin strap lines, cheek, nasolabial folds, Tear Troughs- medial and lateral canthus.
  • How to treat at periosteal, sub q and dermal depths. 
  •  Elite Techniques using a cannula and needle. 
  • 6 CPD Points plus CPD Certification 
  •  5 Star Reviews

£599.00 JUST £197.00! 

£97.00 GBP


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