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Making money in the aesthetics industry is a non-negotiable for me, and I want to make it as effortless as possible for you too💕

So, I'm extending a special invitation 💌 for you to join my Secret VIP Community for just £27 per month! (cancel anytime).

What's Included:

🪄 30 Day Sales Challenge - I'll guide you through every step, from understanding your numbers to investing, visibility, and PR. You'll have all the tools you need! 💪🏼

📲 Immerse yourself in juicy group chats and connect with industry giants in this ultimate networking hotspot.

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Consultations Pro

Get my PRO consultation workshop so that you can take FULL control of your consultations and lower your complaints by over half.  I'll show you how to approach difficult subjects such as weight gain and body dysmorphia without offending the patient. PLUS How to reflect on your clinical practise, establish authority and accelerate your growth for just £17!

What you'll get:

  • Over 1 Hour of Premium Footage
  • How to construct a bullet proof consultation that protects both yourself and the patient.
  • How to be both educational and informative in order to directly reduce your complaints post procedure by over half.
  • How to turn ALL patients ( even those that walk away without a treatment ) into a brand advocate.
  • How to build a loyal clientele of super fans that don't stray.
  • How to read between the lines and distinguish what a patient is really asking for. 
  • How to recognise red flags in disguise and avoid unnecessary altercations...
  • How to approach delicate subjects such as body dysmorphia, or weight gain.
  • How to manage unrealistic expectations and difficult patients...before they crush your reputation. 
  • How to recognise and combat developing post-procedure concerns before a patient leaves the door... so that you can sleep at night knowing they are both educated and informed.
  • How to reflect on your clinical practice and accelerate your growth.

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