Complication Management Bundle - 6 CPD Points

When I go home at night :

  •  I no longer worry about being hounded by panicking clients.
  • I no longer suffer from crippling anxiety and the fear of being sued off the back of every complication.
  • I've stopped worrying about receiving nasty complaints ...

Instead, I go home and enjoy my evening with my family, and I allow myself to fully switch off. 

Today I can show YOU how to do the same. I will teach you how you can eliminate your worry, and regain total control of your business for just £37!


Whats included?

  • 82 Page E-Book where you'll learn the clinical management of Vascular Compromise, Bacterial Infection, Abscess, Herpetic Infection, Haematomas, Asymmetries, Blindness, Anaphylaxis, Inflammation, Neural Damage.
  • Hyaluronidase, Emergency and Elective Video Tutorial where you'll learn how to calculate dosages and re-constitute in an emergency and elective setting PLUS learn the essential contents of your emergency kit.
  • Vascular Compromise Training - In depth video training where I help you remove the fear associated with identifying and treating a vascular occlusion PLUS I'll show you a simple technique to help you approach the dreaded conversation with ease, should you suspect a vascular compromise has occurred whilst treating your patient.
  • 1 x Bonus Consultation Video (Phi Ratio) so that you can cut out the guesswork and justify your treatments against the medical model...guaranteed to reduce your complaints and increase customer satisfaction. 
  • 2 x Safety Hack Bonus Videos - How to avoid making these BIG mistakes.
  • 6 CPD Points plus certification


£37.00 GBP


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