Masculinisation The Full Package - 2 CPD Points

Masculinisation is often so overlooked ... It isn't taught on training, it's rarely taught online... and consequently... it's often done wrong, or not at all. 🙃

I've lost count of how many pointy chins I have seen on males... yes males.
Practitioners are injecting the male chin in the same way they inject a female chin....or cheek...or jaw... the list goes on. Why? Because they don't know any different. 🤬

Unfortunately for many males they feel a stigma attached to dermal filler treatments. It is not easy for a male to book in for a treatment without fear of judgement.

For this reason, many males book in discreetly. 🤫

I have treated many males, from legal professionals to premier league footballers... and yet only a handful have ever allowed me to take photos for social media.

It's sad, and I truly hope that society can soon be better inclusive. 💪🏼

Offering this treatment in your clinic is certainly a great way of being better inclusive.

But here's the thing ... they have finally built up the courage to come, and their goal is simple : to look more masculine.... and yet they leave.... channeling their inner Beyonce. 👯‍♀️

It's important to add here that I have no problem with feminising a male face if that is the patients goal, but if a patient is coming with the goal of masculinisation... then it's a big NO from me. 👎🏼

Incorrect product placement in a male face will result in a more feminine appearance, 100% of the time. The patient will 100% notice, and they will 100% be returning for removal. Every.Single.Time

In this masterclass, I will talk you through everything you need to know in order to enhance male features, and avoid feminisation of the face.

After this class, you will be confident in offering this niche treatment that most other technicians are not.

This will:

 Double the size of your potential customer list. 💸

 Fast Referrals - All female patients will refer male friends! 👀

 Increase Profits - Males require larger packages 💰

 Be better inclusive of all genders 😀

Masculinisation makes up over 20% of my patients. Think just how untouched this area is. I promise that there is no competition, because no-one is really doing it yet.

Everyone is fighting for patients, yet overlooking half of the population..... You can claim it now, but be quick, because it won't be like that forever! 💰

Today, you can invest in these little-known secrets and add a whole new revenue stream to your clinic for just 👇🏼

£199.99 £77


What you'll get:

  • 2 Models – Start to finish
  • Elite Needle and 3 Dimensional Cannula Techniques
  • Suitable and Unsuitable patients
  • How to measure, and mark the landmarks across the cheek, chin and jaw
  • Visual and Audio
  • One Time payment, Full Access
  • Watch as many times as you like
  • Ongoing support
  • CPD Certification Provided - 2 Theory Hours/2 CPD Points
  • 5* Reviews
  • Discounts at Kiss Wholesale

£77.00 GBP


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