Learn my 5 part framework on how to use psychology so that you can run your business with ease, spend more time with your family and have it so that clients will realise the need for your treatment and book in themselves... without needing to 'sell' a thing.

Yes! I want the money map NOW!
Let me guess — you’re an introvert and the thought of trying to persuade people to buy your services makes you feel sick in the stomach?
I know the feeling.

That’s how I also know…
  • You have a passion for aesthetics, but not to become a salesperson. Selling feels uncomfortable and unethical and you don't want to push hard for the sell. 
  • Things feel messy, so you know that you aren't reaching your full potential and feel unable to expand your clientele to the level you would like. 
  • You're feeling overwhelmed by the business aspect of your work and find getting bookings a long and hard chore.
  • You're sacrificing too much for your business, like time with your kids, your partner, or maybe even your health…
  • And, you’re tired of dealing with “discount seekers” who complain about every little thing and never come back for full price... am I right?
The good news is, I've developed a 5 part framework that will streamline your business and leave clients NEEDING your treatment without you selling to them!
This is perfect for you if you're feeling overwhelmed and want a simple framework to make more sales without having to sell, so that you can free up more of your precious time.


I’m Antonia Knowles, a Certified Growth Coach® trained & certified to IAPC&M Advanced Training (Level 6) and the owner of Kiss Aesthetics — a multi-7-figure aesthetics empire in the UK.
I've had the pleasure of serving celebrity clients like Love Island's Megan Barton Hanson, TV presenter Zara McDermott, and Strictly Come Dancing's Kristina Rhianoff, Geordie Shores Chloe Ferry, Towies Amber Turner — just to name a few.
But before you roll your eyes and think, “Great, another lucky practitioner with a huge Instagram following and a massive marketing budget trying to give me advice…”
Let me tell you, things weren’t always so glamorous. 
Back in 2018, there was an influx of over 10,000 aesthetic practitioners joining the aesthetic industry in the UK and thousands of new training academies.
Two years later, lockdown struck.
My business went from 50 clients per week to 5-10 (if I was lucky).
I remember seeing new clinics pop up everywhere, offering lips for as little as £50.
My old tricks weren't working anymore, and everything I thought I knew about aesthetics went right out the window as my nerves took over.
Not only was I attracting cheap, difficult clients who complained and only showed up for discounts... 


I was broke, burnt out, and wondering if I’d need to give up years of aesthetics training to go back to a “normal job”.

So when I say I’ve been there? Girl… I’ve BEEN there.

But I decided to DO something about it.

That's when I made it my mission to train with the best of the best in the industry.

I wanted to know their thought process behind those celebrity-worthy transformations…

I wanted to see how they were adding zeroes upon zeroes to their bank account while only working a few hours per week…

And most importantly? I wanted to stop worrying about my future so I could finally build the life and business I envisioned in the first place. 

Ready to learn the 5 part money map?

Part 1: Brand Embodiment and Identity

If you can establish your core value pillars, making decisions in your aesthetics business will become easier, and you'll be able to run a bulletproof business that will withstand the test of time. This means that you won't have to continue worrying about your next pay cheque... or going back to your old job.  

Part 2: Sales Psychology

Do you hate selling or feel that it feels 'icky' because of the nature of the aesthetics industry? Perhaps you feel it's unethical? A lot of people feel the same... but guess what? you can still be one of the top 20% entrepreneurs, sell more treatment packages than ever, and be an introvert. I'm going to make understanding sales psychology easy to enable you to generate the income you deserve.

Part 3: Cultivate the Magic

By taking your client on a transformational journey, you will guide her to ONE realisation... that she NEEDS your treatment... you won't need to SELL a thing.  We'll also be digging into your secret weapon and how you can use it to make you stand out in a competitive industry.

Part 4: Killer Plan

A dream is nothing but a dream if you don't have a plan to execute it. This streamlined, simple plan is going to keep you on track when you feel resistance, imposter syndrome and the mindset monkeys set in. We want you to be in the growth zone so let's get a plan together to make that happen.

Part 5: Visibility Vortex

In order to generate sales you need an audience... you need to be visible. There are 100's of strategies that can help you with visibility and I'm going to show you the ones that have worked best for me. BONUS 7 days of visibility.




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